How To Make Easy Earnings Through Our Referral Program

P.S. It’s a lot easier than you think.

How To Make Easy Earnings Through Our Referral Program

There are few ways to make money that are as easy as making money through our referral program. Winning the lottery? Maybe that’s a bit easier.. but scratching off the surface of a ticket can sometimes be tiring on the wrists.

Jokes aside, allow me to walk you through how you can be making thousands of dollars a year by simply sending a text message or posting an Instagram story that tells your friends to hop on the Snipfeed wave. It sounds insane but it’s actually that easy.

Through our program, when you refer a friend who signs up for Snipfeed — by passing along your unique referral link, you will earn a bonus 5% of all their transactions for 18 months. So, if your friend makes $100,000 during this time period with Snipfeed, you’d earn a quick $5,000. This $5,000 comes out of our pocket, so don’t think you’re taking earnings from your friend.

Note that, when convincing your friends to join, don’t forget to tell them to set up our monetization tools so that they earn money (and you do too).

To find your referral link, login > navigate to “Referrals” on the side bar > and select “Copy” to access your link.

3 Simple Ways to Spread The Word (& Make Money 💰)

  1. Send a text to your friends telling them about Snipfeed and why they should use the platform … something along the lines of:
Tell them why they should use it and send your unique link!

2. Post an Instagram story telling your audience and friends why they should sign up for Snipfeed (spoiler alert: because they can grow their business, and so much more) and add your referral link as a swipe up or as a sticker.

Be sure to add a call to action here, such as "Swipe Up to Create a Snipfeed" 

3. And if you really want to drive traffic to your referral link, login to your Snipfeed, create a "Custom link," paste in your unique referral link where it requires a URL, and voila! You have a button dedicated to pointing anyone that visits your page to your link...meaning you will be collecting earnings from ANYONE that signs up for Snipfeed through this button. Big win.

Title your "link" whatever you like on your page, however we suggest using a call to action like, "Create Your Own Snipfeed!"

All from us for now — happy earning, happy creating, and happy Wednesday.

If you have any questions at all about our referral program, or any questions about anything really (life, love, etc.) find us at 👋